Reflecting on this Veterans Day, I can only give a profound thank you to those who have served and continue to do so. The statement “promises kept and promises made” has significant meaning, especially today as I recognize the lineage of veterans in my own family. In my eyes lineage is invaluable. I’ve been lifted up on the shoulders of giants, starting with my grandfather in WWII (USA), uncle in Vietnam (USA), and dad in Desert Storm (USMC). Through their legacies of service, I had taken up the call for something bigger than myself, which ultimately started as a means to an end.

Proud Representation

The picture above represents several things. Honoring my family name and those who have served before and during my lifetime. Recognizing my own service and the sacrifices it required. Representing my branch and those who served alongside me. And knowing through it all, those things provided a foundation of which I’ve been able to build on; a future I could never have anticipated. This future is represented by the nameplate with my current title within the startup I founded with other veterans and service-oriented teammates.

Inspiring Brotherhood

I’ve been privileged to serve alongside some of the most amazing people I can count as leaders, friends, and battle buddies. Through their service and their legacies, I’ve been able to continue on, whether they are family I’m connected to by blood or the family I’ve chosen.
Reflecting on my time and the time of others, despite the hardship, uncertainty, and fear, we’ve been able to continue on. That service is seen as a beacon to many people – a beacon of hope, of inspiration, and of love for those known and some never seen.

I’ve learned, thanks to my service, I want to live an inspired life, and I hope what I’ve done through wearing the uniform just might be an inspiration to others.

“An uninspired life is one of mediocrity and the kind I don’t want to live.”

Thanks to my brothers and sisters-in-arms, and thanks to my better half, a USMC veteran, for the desk nameplates.