Welcome to FoundersTap! This page will be growing and changing over the coming months, but to put it simply, FoundersTap is the media arm of Veriily. You see, we are all about doing things differently – and this is why we say we are #NOTYOURAVERAGEJOBSAPP

Values That Create A Personal Brand

My shoes are imprinted with labels that remind me to “Never think that you are better than anyone on this earth,” or “Always know how to do things for yourself,” and “Never be afraid of a little physical labor.”

Time To Turn Down The Silence

No longer do we need to stay silent. It is our time to talk about our experiences and continue to build those bonds.

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Tracy Lafon

Meet our amazing Editor-In-Chief. She hails from the coastal North Carolina beaches and comes to us with a strong background in publishing, academics, and public speaking!

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