Every human being on earth has their definition of success. To some people, success might come in the form of overall wellness, to others, it might be financial stability.

But there’s one thing we can all agree on, achieving success, just like any other process requires that we follow certain steps or laws. These laws are fundamental and to be honest, you won’t achieve any of your life’s goals without them. 

In 1908, a well-known self-help author, Napoleon Hill conducted an interview with one of the most successful men at the time, Andrew Carnegie. During that interview, Carnegie charged Hill with a mission of some sort; To conduct extensive research on the topic of success. 

After this, Hill made it his life’s mission to find the secrets of success, he went about this by interviewing numerous individuals who were considered to be successful and individuals who were rated as failures. Hill analyzed his findings and made conclusions. Below we list all of Hill’s findings and how it can be applied to assist in your journey to success.

1. Develop definiteness of purpose

This simply means the act of identifying your life’s purpose and drafting out a plan. Without a course of action, you’ll aimlessly drift through life.

2. Establish a mastermind alliance

Two heads are better than one!  Creating an alliance with a partner and having both of you working towards a specified goal will aid in your pursuit of success.

3. Assemble a great personality

Put plainly, your personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. If you have an aura of positivity, people tend to gravitate towards you. 

4. Apply Faith

Faith means having total confidence about something that’s yet to happen. It is crucial to apply faith on your journey to success as it helps solidify your beliefs in yourself and your goals.

5. Go The Extra Mile

As the Latin phrase goes; Plus Ultra! This can be translated to “Go further beyond.” Today, most people aren’t willing to go the extra mile to make their dreams a reality. They always tend to forget the fact that the level of success they acquire is a direct reflection of how much work they’ve put into achieving their dreams.

6. Create Personal Initiative

This process involves training your minds to take active steps towards achieving your goals. If you’re the type that needs someone to push or influence you before you work towards your goals, then it might be time you get a change in your mentality.

7. Build a positive mental attitude

It’s widely said that an optimistic person sees an opportunity in every difficult situation. How true is this? Well, as humans, we absorb the things that we fix our minds on. For example, if you listen to self-development podcasts every day, your mind naturally gravitates towards improving yourself.

8. Enthusiasm

People are more likely to help you out on your journey to success if they see how excited and confident you are about achieving your goals. 

9. Enforce self-discipline

There is absolutely no way to achieve success without self-discipline. If you can cultivate the habit of doing the things that will take you a step closer to your goals without a push from an external source, you are well on your way! 

10.Think accurately

Accurate thinking is a state of mind that lets us point out the things that are important. According to Hill, it helps us separate facts into classes: important and unimportant, and it also assists in the generation of new ideas. 

11. Control your attention

In the world we live in today, there are so many distractions that can make you deviate from the goals you’ve set out to achieve. This is known as the shiny object syndrome. The only way you can get passed this is by channeling all your time, energy, and effort into achieving your desired goal.

11. Inspire Teamwork

Having people work together towards accomplishing a single goal will not only bring in new perspectives, but it will also help you achieve your goals much faster. It’s simple, the amount of time it would take 10 people to complete a task will be much less than the time it would take one person.

12. Learn from adversity and defeat

As counterintuitive as it may sound, failure is your best bet at achieving success. Failure and pressure form your competition and teach you how to improve upon your weak points and become a master at your craft.  

13. Cultivate Creative Vision

There are two words here, Creativity and Vision. When these two words are combined, it is about imagination. Imagination is the process of using your mind’s creative resources to think up new ideas and concepts. Ideas are what will bring you a great fortune if acted upon.

13.Maintain sound health

Good health is often taken for granted. People go to extra lengths, even ignoring the required amounts of sleep needed by the body to function properly, to achieve their goals. Yes, hard work is good, but you should sacrifice your health for success. If you fall sick or die, you won’t enjoy whatever fortune you’ve accumulated. 

14. Budget your time and money

If you’re serious about achieving success, then your time and your money aren’t things you should joke with. You have approximately 1440 minutes in a day, deducting sleep makes it 960 minutes. Endeavor to fit in as much productive work into these minutes as possible, even if it’s just little steps towards your goals. 

In the aspect of finances, learning to set aside certain sums of money to develop and invest in yourself will do you good in the long run.

15. Groom Good Habits

There’s a principle known today as The Slight Edge. This principle states that constant/ consistent effort put into achieving a goal, no matter how little, will lead to success. Simply put, developing the habit of improving 1% every day in any aspect of your life will definitely lead to a positive transformation. 


As stated at the beginning of this article, everyone has their meaning of success and there’s no guaranteed path to achieving whatever goals you’ve set out to accomplish. But applying these principles listed above will greatly increase your chances of success.