With the wind down from the Thanksgiving holiday this year, it is especially important to support Small Business Saturday. It is clear that the COVID pandemic has brought greater wealth to the likes of GrubHub, Target, Walmart, and certainly Amazon. Those mega-giants, with huge access to prompt home delivery, have kept the country going – no doubt – but at a huge cost to small businesses. Unique restaurants, mom-and-pop storefronts, and local artisan shops have struggled just to survive with every challenge the shutdown has thrown at them. It is important this year especially that we unite our spirit (and spending dollars) in support of the backbone of the American economy, the local small businesses.

Mega Versus Micro

Because of the constant focus on mega-retail establishments, most people don’t realize that the US economy is still primarily supported by small businesses.  A small business is defined as a company that operates with 500 employees or less and there are over 31.7 million of that fit this definition. The local pub, a family-owned moving company that services several geographical locations, even a mid-size factory that mass produces a particular widget all qualify as a small business.  What is more, these small businesses also use and promote other companies within this classification.  Small business networks nationwide to give vital employment to the workforce of America.

Spotlighting Small

Veriily, FoundersTap sponsoring entity, realizes the importance of small business in America and supports any effort to promote, help, and further local small businesses.  Spotlight Saturday will a feature story about a local business somewhere across America. We are standing up and applauding the importance of local commerce that keeps the economy churning throughout both the rural and urban landscapes of our nation.

Why Shop Local?

Our weekly feature will remind us of the importance of shopping locally — not just retail but in the food and service industry as well. Need a few reminders of why it is important to spend a little extra time or effort to do so when online is so quick and easy?  Consider this:

  • Your money stays at home – small businesses generate tax revenue that is put back into the local economy to support education, law enforcement, and services for the needy.
  • Small businesses create and foster a sense of community. They support local schools, charities, and assist in building things such as parks, community centers, and more.
  • Jobs are created which improves the socio-economic state of the entire community.
  • A network is formed by local businesses using and supporting other local industries; this creates more jobs independent of the major conglomerates who tend to reinvest their profits in their own bottom line.
  • Experiencing friendly and often personalized customer service – when you live where you do business, returning customers matter!  Exceptional service is key and businesses make sure to keep the patronage happy.
  • It feels good to shop local and do for other people within our community!

Time To Shine!

Be on the lookout – FoundersTap is seeking to promote small businesses.  Want your business featured?  Leave us a note below in the comment section and you could be seeing your business getting the attention it deserves both locally and nationally!