Jobs, employment, and even lifelong careers frequently come to us through winding journeys.  Who truly knows what we want to be when we grow up?  Professional athletes, actors, and YouTuber notwithstanding, most people think of a profession firstly as a route to pay the bills.  In truth, whether you follow the trade, college, military, or even just “get a job” path, everyone firstly seeks a way to simply make money.  The paths may differ, but the destination is the same. 

Connections Matter

How many of us have gotten a job because we knew someone who knew someone who knew someone looking for somebody? Be it as simple as a babysitting gig as a teen or a fantastic lifelong career, securing employment is a common experience that frequently happens through the help of connections.  For example, my position at Veriily came about just like that.  I knew a guy… a guy I went to college with … a connection… and now, over ten years later, here we are working together in dream jobs, making things happen.  Connections matter.

Contributions Matter

Life is about giving and receiving.  With work, we give of our talents, time, and resources and receive back by way of pay, but also in terms of self-satisfaction, praise, and a contribution to something bigger. Contributions in life bring rewards.  The reward of contributions at work are promotions, more pay, and even networking connections.  It does not just have to be the workplace that contributions matter.  Sometimes the most career profitable contributions come from giving of our talents and time with non-profits and volunteer projects.  The parent of your Little League shortstop might be the path to your next job, you just never know. Connections matter and contributions matter.

Conversations Matter

One of the best ways to help us make better connections and contributions is through conversation.  Shared thoughts are a win/win exchange.  We know we learn from others, but through conversation, we also learn more about ourselves. We realize the knowledge we already have; we learn from others’ knowledge; we even realize there are things we need to learn that we didn’t even know we needed to learn! Above all, with this understanding, it is easy to see connections matter, contributions matter, and conversations matter. 

Be the Conversation

FoundersTap is the Conversation of Veriily.  It is here where ideas are shared; questions are asked – and hopefully answered, furthermore, and most importantly it is where everyone can learn from each other. We are always looking to add to the conversation, and we would like YOU to be a part of that. If you have an idea to help others with jobs, careers, training, and even the all-important work-life balance, we would love to hear and share it.  If you enjoy writing and would like to contribute to our FoundersTap Conversation, please let us know!  Connections, Contributions, and Conversations need many voices!  We would love for you to be part of our Conversation!