Welcome to FoundersTap! This page will be growing and changing over the coming months, but to put it simply, FoundersTap is the media arm of Veriily. You see, we are all about doing things differently – and this is why we say we are #NOTYOURAVERAGEJOBSAPP

Madam C.J. Walker – She Created Greatness Out Of Necessity

Veriily honors the drive and spirit she showed. Born in a time where society pushed her down, she would not kneel but instead stood tall shined! Her example should serve to inspire the belief that hard work, determination, and success are born out of the heart. Turning necessity into invention C.J. Walker created greatness!

Small Business Saturday – Giving Year ‘Round

Veriily, FoundersTap sponsoring entity, realizes the importance of small business in America and support any effort to promote, help, and further local small businesses.  Spotlight Saturday will a feature story about a local business somewhere across America.

Promises Kept And Promises Made

I’ve learned, thanks to my service, I want to live an inspired life, and I hope what I’ve done through wearing the uniform just might be an inspiration to others.

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